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April 28th, 2011 by Admin

The points system has been completely re-coded from the ground up by the developers and I’ve spent the past 2 weeks getting my custom plugin working with it and also customizing it just for us. Here are some of the new features:

  • Point Notify: Whenever you earn points you will see a notification in the top right of the page showing you how many points you just earned or lost.
    • What’s really cool about this is it will notify you on the next page you visit or refresh. Meaning if you where gone for a long time and came back you would still get a points notice. For example if you earned points while your away, say from a contest/bet, etc. you would get a notice for it.
  • Custom Lottery/Gamble Pages: Completely customized pages for the 3 accounts you can donate points to. I’ll cover the new features lower down in this post.
  • Your Lottery/Gamble Info: When a lottery is active it will show your entries and points used in the current giveaway. It will also show how many points you have gambled and won. Clicking the lottery/gamble avatar will take you to the custom page.
  • Donate Message: When donating to the lottery or gamble account you can type in a message. This will only show on your personal points logs. So think of it like a note on what you donated about. This isn’t required to fill it out.
  • Point Ranks: On every profile it will show a rank based on the points you have earned. Let me know if you have ideas for rank names.
  • Point Logs: Logs are a little different. For example for points earned on blog posts and blog comments it will include a link to that blog/comment.
  • Community Point Total: On your personal points logs at the bottom it will show points that all the members of have earned.
  • Unrelated to this update, but I also put at the bottom of your personal logs page the date you joined

To access your personal points logs go to the top menu go to My Account > Points > My Points or click the points link while viewing any profile.

More fun details about the custom lottery/gamble pages after the jump! I know your dying to find out, I can feel it.

Here are the 3 accounts you can use your points on:


Used for contests and giveaways

Used for contests and giveaways (only if there are 2 giveaways happening at once)

You can bet your points against other members here.

On the lottery account pages here is a overview of the new features:

  • Your entries in the current Lottery
  • Your chance of winning the lottery based on your entries. This does NOT factor in entries from outside … for example Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.
  • Your points used in current lottery.
  • Total points from everyone in current lottery.
  • Total entries from everyone in current lottery.
  • Total lottery point log entries are dynamic based on the amount of lottery entries. So it will show all the entries on the same page.
  • At the top of the page it will have a link to the latest giveaway/contest which is also dynamic.
  • Shows the last 10 giveaway/contest posts at the bottom of the page.
  • Lottery donations can be turned on or off at any time.
    • Active: It will have the donation button, link to how to enter and your lottery stats.
    • Disabled: A “Lottery Closed” with lock icon will appear.

Here is a overview of the gamble account page and the new features:

  • It will display your points gambled.
  • It will display your winnings in bets.
  • The bet your points button has a drop down of set point amounts for betting: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250.
  • Shows all the points in the gamble “pot”
  • A list of the latest winners

At the top of the page it will have a link for the latest bets and another link for how to create a new bet.

Get out there and earn those points!

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