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Big list of Amazon Black Friday Gaming Deals

November 27th, 2011

In addition to the Xbox LIVE Marketplace Black Friday deals I’ve already posted, I put together this table of Xbox 360 gaming deals from Amazon (US). I’ve decided to try something a little different: I’ve created an Excel spreadsheet and embedded it here as an Excel Web App. This will allow you to perform basic [...]

Christmas List 2011 Help?

November 9th, 2011

I’m 14 and got no idea what the hell i want so Ideas are accepted! I have a PS3, Wii, nintendo 3DS, PSP, and i already got 2(one for room, one for game room) new tvs and a new laptop this summer, ipod touch, android cellphone, minifridge, Drawing tablet, I normaly have 2-3 big things [...]

PS3 Game List ver 1.8 – WIN

September 12th, 2011

v1.7 ■Allows multiple simultaneous downloads (configuration via settings dialog); ■Supports download pausing/resuming; ■Displays download speed; ■Allows users to indicate whether a game loads from the external hard disk or not (double click on the correspondent cell to select the desired value, the info will be stored at ‘external.txt’ when the save action is performed; the [...]

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